Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 6: Hi Kulim

Next station....Kulim.

On 28 Nov, Kulim is our next destination. Visit someone's relative (I don't know them so I just follow) and enjoy the environment at Kulim Hi-Tech. Later, we decided to say Hi to Giant Kulim. You know what? Shopping lorh...

Before shopping, let's try nasi kandar at Hussain Nasi Kandar,
near Giant Kulim. You don't know how much I loved sotong
and udang. I don't care any menu as long I have two those things.
Step inside Giant Kulim, immediately got attracted with those
old sewing machine from this shop. I don't remember.
Levis or Lois shop, I think?
Whenever I go, bookstore is always my second home. My
third home would be toilet. Inside Giant Kulim, there is
Hasani Bookstore. The ambiance and the layout of this
bookstore is so different than MPH, POPULAR, or SMART
(my usual bookstore). Surprisingly, I found few legend books
that so hard to get it at Kuching. However, I bought
this two books because I can't resist the temptation.
Then, we stopped at The Store. I bought Goggle jeans 50% sale
but not surprisingly still above RM50 price. That red tshirt was actually
bought at Billion Plaza Baling and the tudung bawal at Borong Sakan. But I
just include them all in one pic because I don't have much time to spend
on this entry. I'm out of schedule actually.

p/s: Inside this entry, I would like to say thanks to my dad because he bought me cooling fan, pc vacuum cleaner and new mouse. Because I wrote too much after heading back to Kuching, my dear Ulquiorra (my laptop's name) got sick and need to recover. Thanks Ulquiorra because you still beside me :)

More entry to come.

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