Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 8: Goodbye, PEN-KCH

The last day, as I mention before. Pack my bags, wake up early, and hear the clock tick-tock. It is time to return to our beloved miao city.

Before saying goodbye to Pendang Village, to people we know and help us at here, it's time snap a photo as memory. We took two photos. With and without me. Me and my brother need to take turn in photo. What a clumsy situation.

Around 11:30 pm, by hook or by crook or by book, this time is really a goodbye. Aurevoir, peeps~

With Alza, once again, although the boarding time is around 4:15 pm, do not try to come late and miss information. Flight won't wait, once it's fly, your ticket fly up too. But since the time is still early, we decided to stop awhile at kedai jeruk Pak Ali and bought some jeruk as kudapan inside the car and also bring back to Kuching. I'm not a jeruk-fan, I didn't eat jeruk while I was study at Shah Alam. But just saying, the jeruk mangga is yummy. Jeruk sengkuang is also taste so fresh and good. I loved jeruk kedondong too. So, I'm not regret stepping out from my comfort zone.

I heard that jeruk Pak Ali is already at Kuching. Should I hunt that jeruk, again?

Well, it's time to move on. The clock keeps ticking. Ticking. Tick tock. The road is long and the journey is still faraway from the airport. This time, Jambatan Pulau Penang welcomed us under the sunrays. I recorded the journey, when we passed the side of Jambatan and saw the modern city over the pearl island.

Then I heard my sister's husband talking about souvenir. Souvenir? Did he know where to buy souvenirs? I missed the chance to buy that stuffs when we visit Penang Hill. So, if there's any shop that sell souvenirs, I would go there and spend some money.

Finally, we found the souvenir shop. We stopped awhile at Tokong Ular, one famous tourist attraction (at Tanjung Tokong, isn't it?).  Gear up! This is last minute shopping!

My sister busy selecting items at the shop. At the back is Tokong Ular.
My brother bought 5 keychains for RM10. I got
one of this. Good brother, good....
Penang's fridge magnet, with colourful design and shape.
I bought 3 for RM5 (cut the budget...) and my dad
bought 6 for RM10. He keep all of them, while 2 of my
magnet, I gave it away to other people.
Bought Penang shirt for RM12. It feels comfy when
I wear it. Good deal, I guess.

Finish with souvenir and whatever stuffs at Tokong Ular. The time has already 2 pm. We hurriedly go to PIA (Penang International Airport) and busy checking tickets, boxes, bags, ICs, boarding time and also, nephews and a niece. Do not let children run here and there at the airport. There's the unsolved case of kid's missing at PIA. Chinese boy, if I'm not mistaken. So, better careful than crying later.
Ready at PIA
The flight delay, around 5 pm. Waiting for the call.
Okay, it's time to receive the call. Goodbye, Penang.
Hope to see you again, someday :)

The journey is completed.

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