Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 5: Seeking Bandar Perda

Day 5, at Kedah. Spending the few days before heading back to the miao city liao. On 27 Nov, we're going to Bandar Perda at Seberang Perai. Someone told us we can buy souvenir there. Unfortunately, we got nothing but tiredness and confused. The seller told us, "sori kak, kami tak jual I luv Penang ke hape. Kami jual I luv Penjajah je."

I laughed silently when I heard that sentence. 

Anyway, since we can't buy what we want and everyone was not in good condition after visit Penang Hill under the sizzling cold rain, we just leisurely seeking what's inside Bandar Perda.
Bought this giant karipap. I really mean it. Usual size karipap
only used two or three fingers. This crunchy karipap, you
need two hands to hold it. Or else, the karipap cracked and
lose all delicious fillings. The giant karipap they said, only
at Bandar Perda.
At kedai nasi kandar, I don't remember the name but I didn't bite
nasi kandar that day. I was tired and sore throat and headache.
Even my dark circle below my eyes is getting wider.
My big appetite nephew, ready to munch this thin roti tisu.
This is nothing compared to his desire to eat. He can eat a lot.
Sometimes I did stop him eating too much.

My dad eating tosai, his first experience I believe. While my brother
eat roti kosong. So far, at Bandar Perda, food is good to remember.

Before heading back to Baling, we enjoy the golden scenery of
sunset. What a beautiful creation. This is really worth to remember.

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