Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 4: Oh my Penang Hill!

Finally, the day to step out and enjoy my holiday is coming! After so much work during majlis doa selamat, on 26 November (the day I'll never forget), Penang Hill welcomed us with the coldness of rain. I mean, was a cold and wet day. The pouring rain was unstoppable. But it can't stop us to step inside the Penang Hill's train and ride up to the peak of the historical hill. Come on, one chance to see the beautiful sight of Penang, you think I would step back because of the rain?

Around 4 p.m, facing difficulties to get a right direction, the road was a bit slippery because of raining. As soon we arrived there, there were many tourists (local and foreigners) inside the building. The previous visitor of Penang Hill is already check out, wandering around the merchandise and goodies area. My nephew and niece is out of control, their hyper energy battery is fully charging so I can't let my sight out of them. So I thought, I will buy some goodies after visiting Penang Hill. While waiting my sister bought the ticket (family package so it's cheaper than buying individually and of course, IC is important before buying tickets), we sat at the corner and watching people come and go.

Already inside the train, the turbulence inside the train reminds me with the situation inside the flight. My ear got dumb, I have to blow my noise to clean the air out of my ear. My attempt to get a nice shot inside the train met its failure because of the turbulence. Plus, the hectic and very noisy school trip inside the train is troublesome. Can they be quiet for a while? I know, going up to Penang Hill is very exciting but they don't have to talk so loud.

Finally arrived at the Penang Hill's top, the green scenery after raining welcomed us with such a tranquility. After facing noises, this is what I need the most. T.R.A.N.Q.U.I.L.I.T.Y~

Okay, it's time to eat before walking up and up to the hill. We need energy. The food price is kinda pricey so, I bought just enough for myself- a small RM 3 bowl of French fries, RM6 of chocolate strawberries, RM2 mineral water...and bite a bit from other's food. Yes, I am brilliant-yet-thrifty customer...ha3

Oh, please don't be surprised about my evil appearance
while eating ayam goreng. Free food from my sister, I bite
it with eagerness.

Finish with food and stuffs, it's time to walk around the hill and enjoy the scenery with new experience. For RM30, we ride buggy car to the other part of Penang Hill. I recorded my buggy car experience with my Xperia and to know about the rich big house owned by Englishman, tauke 4D Magnum, relatives of Sultan Pahang and the restricetd site of TUDM is fascinating. Plus, our buggy car driver is coincidently, a chinese man from Matang, Kuching. Kuching people gathered on the same ride. What a small world.

The buggy car journey continues at the anjung of Penang Hill, the pitstop for visitors taking pictures, leisurely watching the upside of Penang and breath in and out some good and fresh air. This trip will never make you exhausted, but for those who facing trouble with sore throat, itchy nose and dumb ears like me (I was in not very healthy during this vacation), you might throw a bit. 

I leave that bad memory behind. Let's move on.

Finish with buggy car, we walked again with our own feet, climbing stairs to the next area. The Penang Hill masjid. There's a masjid here, I didn't know that before. To be honest, this place is clean. The toilet is good too. 

Okay, okay, let's proceed to another photos. Emm, what else?
Owh, yes. There's more....

I gained weight in this photo. Eating outside is not good for
my health, I guess. BTW, I look good with the 'pinjam'
camera. Thanks, bro~
My nephew try to shoot me with this historical cannon
(dear nephew, don't you dare....)
The kuil Hindu at Penang Hill. They was chanting and praying
when we came here. 
Taking photos at the staircase. As you can see, the old
building of police building remains there, still in good condition.
My niece riding the stone-cold horse. She's so naughty,  I tell
you. Always make me headache.

With those big periuk kera, together with my sister, my nephews
and my angry niece. Well my niece, keep angry~

Watching the trail of the train. I can't believe my
own eyes. This is awesome.
Before heading down, taking photos with my mother is must.
My mother's look is a bit Japanesey, isn't it? Ha3!
Already at the downhill, standing at the archway. The time
was around 7 pm, all merchandise and goodies store had
closed. I regret I didn't bought souvenir earlier.
Photo souvenir from Penang Hill, cost us RM35. But
the position is odd, my dad is almost disappear from
this photo. Anyway, memory is still a memory.
At the end, we stayed and eat at Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama,
near Fort Cornwallis. As soon we sat down, 5-6 people came to us
and asking our food order. I got shock for a second. But tell ya
the truth, I like the big sotong inside my nasi goreng sotong. I loved it!

Well, the journey is still not finish maa~

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