Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 3: Bendang Village

Day 3rd, 25 November 2014. Still at Kedah, somewhere at Baling and staying at Bendang Becah Village. Preparation for majlis doa selamat has completed. It's time to proceed to the next part. To be honest, the way majlis being arranged at here is somehow a bit different. I got confused sometimes. Anyway, it's not the main thing I should talk about. I just wanna share photos during the preparation and the simple majlis itself.

Mak cik is smiling when she suddenly realized my
brother took her photos.
All ingredients are ready to be part of dishes.
My index finger got scratched after peeling too
much onion and garlic.
Masak kawah is famous at here. But the process, I admit that,
too much energy being delivered. I was exhausted.
Got my eyes to this little girl. Isn't she sweet?
Her name is Amni. The nice baby I ever made. She doesn't
 make a lot of noises. And she's cute too.
Berkhatan is already done, so it's time for majlis doa
selamat. One talam of dishes equal to 4 people. The dish is
ayam masak merah, daging+batang pisang masak gulai,
jeruk petai, ulam2, ikan masin, acar timun and acar limau.
Snap a bit; candid action of people while eating. Free food
 is lovable, I guess.


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