Saturday, 6 October 2012

Travel Lagi: Pasir Panjang Family Park

30th September 2012-Sunday

Sunday morning, a wonderful weekend with a cup of plain water (I don't drink coffee or tea), I spend my day with same old stuff- writing new short stories and blogosphere. I dozed off a bit, I thought I want to spend my sunny day with sleeping. Just sleep. Then suddenly, my mom knocked the door, try to make me out from my room and get prepared. I asked her- "for what?". She told me- "Your sister wants to go out with us, at Pasir Panjang." In a flash, I began to remembered the year of 2009, we spent our day at there three years ago. Later, my mom said- "hurry up lah, your sister will pick you after this. I will go there with your second sister." So I said okay to her, grab my cloth and whatever I needed and get ready. Half an hour later, she came with her husband, her mother in law and three children, then we went to Pasir Panjang Family Park at Pasir Pandak Village, near to Gunung Santubong.

Pasir Panjang Family Park is new place for recreation and leisure. It was just a plain white beach with trees and small huts. Since last year, Pasir Panjang began to change very nicely with new R&R, several facilities to clean and change ourselves after playing on the beach, few new huts for gathering (or dating for couples), playground for kids in progress and food stalls selling goods and stuff. So I shared you few pictures about my wonderful weekend. Come here when you visit Kuching, my miao-miao city liao ^o^

That's my sister, her mother in law and her son.

That small island is Pulau Kera, the mysterious island with peculiar and
old stories....

The typical Malaysian beach, must have one least...

Food court, place to rest and walking leisurely.

The right place for mountain lovers...I want to climb it one day...

No one built any castle sand at here...weird...

Playing football at here, eh?

I want to go there, really...but it's time for me to go home...*good bye!

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